Encounters in Music City - December

Hungarian folk meets Finnish string heritage at the concert by Gergő Koncz and his band and the virtuoso duo of Teho. on 07. 12. iIn Hangvilla. The ‘Encounters’ series juxtaposes musical languages from across the world, revealing parallels and nuances, hosting Hungarian and international musicians in Veszprém, the City of Music.

Distant relatives meet up in December when Hungarian and Finnish string ensembles share the stage in Hangvilla. The captivating melodies of the Transylvanian Heath by Gergő Koncz and friends are reflected by the masterly folk fiddlery of Teho. The Finnish duo take an innovative approach deeply rooted in tradition, while Koncz’s band excel in authentic reproduction. They meet halfway, brought together by a sincere love of heritage and deep-seated musicianship. Yet another chance for music lovers to marvel at the diversity and oneness of musical languages, offered by the ‘Encounters’ series.

The ‘Encounters in Music City’ concert series was launched in 2022, following Veszprém’s admission to the Creative Cities network. As the first Hungarian city to win the ‘City of Music’ title by UNESCO, Veszprém started the series to celebrate the universal language of music. 


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