Welcome to Veszprém - Hungary's first UNESCO City of Music

Veszprém is a beautiful hillside city of 60 000 in Hungary, a stone’s throw away from Lake Balaton, at the foot of the Bakony Hills. The city and its surrounding region is the proud bearer of the European Capital of Culture title in 2023.

This city welcomes music in all its forms: Veszprém hosts an outstanding number of concerts and music events while also paying special attention to traditional music and folk dance education, as well as music related tourism. For all these reasons, Veszprém was thrilled to have received the Music City title as a member of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The city is the first in Hungary and its broader region to receive this title.

Music Hub

  • Music Hungary Music Hungary Music Hungary Serving as the voice of the music industry, Music Hungary Conference has provided a platform where stakeholders, professionals and decision makers talk shop for two days since 2012. As a long-awaited addition, a showcase programme presents Hungarian artists with the biggest potential to attendees since 2020. Veszprém as the European Capital of Culture 2023 and UNESCO City of Music hosts the prestigious Music Hungary Conference & Showcase in 2023. More
  • Cluster meeting Cluster meeting Tag: #together Cluster meeting Music-themed sightseeing, professional insight and a unique concert introduced Veszprém to delegates of the UNESCO Music Cities network. The in-person cluster meeting made up for what the pandemic-induced online event of 2021 missed, providing vivid impressions of Veszprém’s heritage and bustling present. Coinciding with Music Hungary Conference, delegates could sample upcoming Hungarian artists and mingle with professionals, while a unique musical collaboration of Olah Gypsy musicians and local chamber orchestra Mendelssohn within the concert series ‘Encounters’ crowned the event.
  • European Music Schools Union European Music Schools Union European Music Schools Union Music education and investing in youth has long been a focal point in the city of music. Veszprém proved a worthy host of international events such as EMU, the European Music School Unions, and will welcome MusiColours, where young bands and choirs will convene in the city and its region from across the continent in May 2023. Providing a platform for youth, music educators and professionals to connect through music, Veszprém highlights its mark on the European cultural map.


  • Hangjáték (Soundplay) Hangjáték (Soundplay) Hangjáték (Soundplay) Hangjáték (Soundplay) is Veszprém city’s music development programme within the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture framework. The programme is set to encourage music making and boost the city’s music scene - in line with UNESCO’ s City of Music title, awarded in 2019. Hangjáték builds on the experience of local communities and professionals. Our mission is to launch programmes that supplement already existing choices for music education in Veszprém, and broaden the audience involved. More
  • Encounter in Veszprém (Találkozások) Encounter in Veszprém (Találkozások) Encounter in Veszprém (Találkozások) Encounters (Találkozások) is a concert series inspired by Veszprém's UNESCO City of Music title, showcasing the univesality of music. Each concert within the series is a unique cooperation between Hungarian and international artists, reaching across ages, genres and cultures; creating unexpected harmonies and novel experiences. More
  • InterUrban InterUrban InterUrban Veszprém welcomes the world in InterUrban series: it hosts 29 cities from around the world, offering fortnightly courses of music, exhibits, films and other cultural delicacies. InterUrban is a year-long cross-genre showcase programme that paints the portrait of a new city every two weeks, deleniating an interntional network connected through culture and creativity. More
  • Festivals in Veszprém Festivals in Veszprém Festivals in Veszprém As a city of music, Veszprém is home to trademark events where locals and visitors can experience music in all shapes and sizes. Headlined by the yearly busking fiesta Street Music Festival and VeszprémFest of eye-catching lineup, niche genres such as blues and old music are duly represented in the city’s rich offer. As the birthplace of Lipót Auer, Veszprém boasts a venerable classical lineage commemorated yearly at Auer Festival, and all-year programming of the highest standard. As a recent addition BALKAN: MOST showcase festival gathered the freshest and most exciting acts from the Balkans. More


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